Thursday 4 October 2012 Pakhuis de Zwijger Amsterdam
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The Pop-Up City is happy to announce Blogging the City, a one-day festival in Amsterdam on 4 October, 2012, where a selection of Europe’s finest city bloggers share their ideas and inspiration live on stage. What are the latest developments and trends in the cityscape, and how do we envision the role of the blogger and online media in the city of the future?

Blogging The City is a traveling event. The first Blogging the City festival took place in Berlin in 2011, and brought together a selection of European bloggers to discuss urbanism in the online world to a real-life audience. Now it’s Amsterdam’s turn.

The Web offers great amounts of inspiring knowledge about the latest trends and developments in urban culture, architecture and city making. Bloggers serve as curators and cool hunters by applying their swift, conspicuous and innovative styles to the documentation of these developments. Our goal is to bring those remarkable and international insights to Amsterdam.

Blogging the City is an event for everyone who wants to learn about what happens in urbanism over the next years! The event embraces a broad audience — professionals in the urban field, but also people interested in the urban future, urban lifestyle and culture that shapes the city of tomorrow. Blogging the City is curated and organized by The Pop-Up City, an online magazine by Amsterdam-based urban design agency Golfstromen which showcases new ideas, trends and strategies for contemporary world cities.