Thursday 4 October 2012 Pakhuis de Zwijger Amsterdam
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Blogging the City will have an afternoon program with a limited number of seats, that will take place at Pakhuis de Zwijger’s Studio. The night program, that starts at 20:00 h., is being held in the Grote Zaal. Stay tuned for updates!

Blogging the City Afternoon Program

Open: 13:30 — Start: 14:00 — End: 17:00 (SOLD OUT)
Space: Studio, Pakhuis de Zwijger

Jeroen Beekmans and Joop de Boer (The Pop-Up City)
Stefan Höffken (Urbanophil)
Régine Debatty (we-make-money-not-art)
Zef Hemel (Vrijstaat Amsterdam)
Luc Harings (ilovenoord)
Wouter Boon (Amsterdam Ad Blog)
Martijn de Waal (The Mobile City)

Blogging the City Night Program

Open: 19:30 — Start: 20:00 — End: 23:00 (STILL TICKETS AVAILABLE, RSVP NOW!)
Space: Grote Zaal, Pakhuis de Zwijger

Mikael Colville-Andersen (Copenhagenize)
Filip Visnjic (CreativeApplications)
Rudolf Klöckner (Urban Shit)
Antonia Märzhäuser (Freunde von Freunden)
Charlie Hilton (Urban Times)
Ernst-Jan Pfauth (
Thomas Marzano (Philips)

Click here to RSVP!